Textile machinery and equipment manufacturing businesses: related enterprises and products

Our R & D, manufacturing and sales of textile machinery are one of our core business segments in China Hi-Tech group. Its comprehensive strength is ranked first in China and top two in the world textile machinery industry. Its products include cotton textile whole process equipment, chemical fiber equipment, non-woven fabric equipment, printing and dyeing equipment, textile machine parts etc. Company has dominated role in the domestic market and exported its products to more than fifty countries and regions, made important contributions to the development and progress of textile industry in China these years.

Textile machinery importing & exporting and foreign project contracting

Introduced advanced equipment and technology up to 2.5 billion U.S. dollars for domestic enterprises, undertaken the introduction of a large number of national key textile, chemical fiber construction projects.

Exported more than 60 sets of cotton textile complete plants, total number of spindle reached three million spindles, located in more than fifty countries and regions, such as Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Syria, India, Africa and Latin America countries.