China Hi-Tech Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale wholly state-owned central enterpise under the supervision and administration of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. It was founded in September 1998. In December of 2006, China Hi-Tech became the board pilot enterprise under the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and established a scientific and standardized legal person governance structure. China Hi-Tech now has about 60,000 employees and 23 direct subsidiaries distributed in more than 20 provinces in China and 20 countries and regions abroad. The Group owns six listed companies, Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (000666) listed in Hong Kong stock market as well as in A share market in China, CHTC KAMA Co., Ltd. (900953) listed in B share market in China, Swan Fiber Co., Ltd. (000687), China Garments Co., Ltd. (000902) and Shandong Helon Co., Ltd. (000677) listed in A share market in China, Fong's Industries Company Limited (HK.00641) in Hong Kong share market.

China Hi-Tech group business mainly covers textile machinery and textile from fiber making to fabrics; Automobile including heavy truck, medium size trucks and light trucks; Special fiber materials including basalt fiber, aramid fiber, carbon fiber and Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber; Mining equipment, engineering machinery, agriculture machinery, project contracting with complete equipment for building material of cement, glass and thermal insulation material, power station, railway, sea port, vessel, hospital.

Among them, our textile machinery business ranks first in China and top two in the global textile machinery industry.

Automobile business is our strategic investment and development business based on advanced technology, China manufacturing and globe marketing. "Kama" series light truck is listed top four in the China light truck industry. The heavy trunk will also rank prior position in China market.

New type special fiber materials is a new generation high performance and environmentally friendly fiber and are very important for national industry and defense development, which are researched and developed by our group through modern technology We have set our own complete researching center and institution with our own intellectual property as well as manufacturing industry.

Our group have stronger base for machine building in mining machinery, engineering machinery, building material machinery, heavy vehicles and power equipment as well as port equipment. Also we have long experience and implement ability for project contracting in domestic and overseas, which covers textile factory, railway construction, cement plant, glass plant and power station, power transmission and distribution, sea port infrastructure as well as hospital projects.

China Hi-Tech adheres to the enterprise spirit of "cooperation, innovation and excellence", meanwhile, keeps "performance, rules and honest as priority", and takes the precept of "create benefits for shareholders, create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create wealth for society" as business objective. Within seven to ten years, China Hi-Tech group will be developed as a modern industrial group with international competitiveness; its scale of textile machinery business will become top one in the world; and it will become the most influential supplier in the textile industry and special type fiber materials field. It also will become one of the major manufacturers and supplier in the truck industry, mining, engineering machinery, building material machinery and power equipment field of China, an important international project contractor.